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FAST, SAFE, EASY AND AF FORDABLE FASTBRACES ® Technology ha p p e n i n 2 n 0W a C t ee Lo k s a For Teens & Adults! Why Choose F FastbraCes®? 1. Used for over 30 years preser 2. Natural bite preserved 3. Almost always non-extraction 4. Complete in as little as 20 weeks 5. TTypically lower cost 6. Pain reduction statistically Free Ortho Workups 7. TTypically 15-20 min/day Shown with Clear Brackets removable retainers 8383 Greenway Blvd. Suite 120, Middleton Most insurances accepted & Fastbraces® Dr. Jim Shipley Cosmetic, Implant & General Dentistry (608) 836-1422 ($445 value)

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