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DOG OF THE WEEK Brownie Male, 5 months old. Weighs 42 pounds. Available at DCHS Main Shelter More info at As his name indicates, Brownie is one sweet pup! With his long soft ears, sweet disposition, and fantastic company – how can anybody resist Brownie? Being that he is a hound – oh boy, does he love to sniff! Brownie surely follows his nose! He also loves to play, and to run! He can amuse himself with a variety of toys, and he can also play very nicely with other dogs. We set him up on many play dates here at the shelter with other DCHs dogs. As Brownie is a young guy, he still has some learning to do – but sure it certainly has been easy showing him the ropes, as he is an intellect! He catches onto things very quickly, and he aims to please. Won’t you meet this sweet guy? Brownie promises to be your best friend forever! er! Motion FURnitURe & enteRtAinMent eVent Complimentary Design Services Compliment Downtown weStSiDe 317 east wilson street • madison • 608.255.8998 670 south whitney way • madison • 608. 274.5575

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