Natural Resources Board significantly scales back hunting in parks plan

2012-12-12T11:30:00Z 2012-12-12T13:20:01Z Natural Resources Board significantly scales back hunting in parks planMIKE IVEY | The Capital Times |

In a somewhat surprising move, the Natural Resources Board has struck down most of a plan to allow hunting and trapping in almost all Wisconsin state parks.

The decision Tuesday to limit parks hunting/trapping from Nov. 15 to Dec. 15 and from April 1 until the end of the spring turkey season came  after nearly 2,000 state residents registered their opposition to the plan, which was mandated by the Legislature as part of an effort to reverse a decline in the number of hunters.

Some parks will also be open to archery hunters. Here is the latest from the DNR.

Still, the scaled-back plan seems to please non-hunting parks users.

"I think the decision is a smart compromise that protects the safety of park users while still creating hunting opportunities when it is most beneficial for hunters," says Bill Coady, co-president of the Madison Nordic Ski Club. "I don't like the law, but I appreciate how the DNR board listened to park users and neighbors in drafting their implementation."

The Sporting Heritage Bill signed last summer by Gov. Scott Walker called for opening up all state parks to hunting for the first time, in accordance with existing seasons. The parks hunting measure was part of an effort to get more Wisconsinites out in the field, including offering $5 licenses for new hunters and online hunter safety classes.

In an effort to comply with the new law, dubbed Act 168, the Department of Natural Resources proposed allowing hunting in the parks from Oct. 15 to just before Memorial Day.

But that plan drew heated opposition from some parks users and tourism officials, who said it might end up cutting into DNR revenues for camping, cross-country skiing, mountain biking or other non-consumptive uses.

All told, the DNR received 2,053 comments on the plan with 95.8 percent opposed.

Here is the Associated Press story on the Tuesday meeting and here is a story I wrote on the Sporting Heritage Bill.

The Sporting Heritage Bill was introduced last year by Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder, R-Abbotsford. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

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(11) Comments

  1. Retoother
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    Retoother - December 13, 2012 10:16 am
    She uses dramatic verbiage because her sheep followers gasp at it......then hit the donate now button as "baby needs new shoes"...........

    Patricia the slum lord of Columbia cty. Her foot print on this earth is bigger than most hunters.

    Carry on Cackling Hen.
  2. Retoother
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    Retoother - December 13, 2012 10:14 am
    And you will never get voted back on it either.
  3. Madravenspeak
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    Madravenspeak - December 13, 2012 1:36 am
    I write the Madravenspeak living wildlife column for the Capital Times which you can find by putting its name into google or There you will find about 50 archived columns or come to our web site ( Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic - VOTE OUR WILDLIFE) to see the torture and sadism of the wolf slaughter. I served on the trapping committee - and armed thugs is not dramatic - it is an apt description of the ongoing torment and death of millions of animals in traps, crossbow kills, and gun injuries and death.

    This country has been traumatized for a decade by the killing of 3000 people on 9/11 yet we subject our wildlife to millions of their friends, children, parents and other species dying in traps and being killed enmasse. Gee - that is not armed thugs?
  4. Madravenspeak
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    Madravenspeak - December 13, 2012 1:32 am
    I guess you kill wildlife but the rest of us who live in the country and are surrounded by constant violence and luring our wildlife out of our woods to be murdered for fun or food or whatever comraderie and "tradition" of bloodlust some people enjoy - is devastating to those of us who love wildlife.

    I served on the Conservation Killing Congress for 3 years as the first protectionist for wildlife in then 65 years because of the intimidation and obfuscation of the DNR and the Congress corruption. We need to open the ELECTION up to the general public and stop having 5,000 avid killers upping their power every year against the rest of us.

    Or give us 80 years of only saving licenses to balance out the 80 years of special interest killing licenses to restore our peace and our world.
  5. belairjeff
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    belairjeff - December 12, 2012 9:19 pm
    @madravenspeak - state run by armed thugs? how dramatic. come on.....
  6. belairjeff
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    belairjeff - December 12, 2012 9:18 pm
    @Devastation608 @bananahammock - this /article isn't about hunting for meat versus going to the store. please stay on topic. @bananahammock - i've hunted for 30 years and it HAS saved me money.

    getting back to this point of this article, the addendeum that Jeff Mursau introduced to Act 168 - "hunting in state parks..." was slipped in by Mursau AFTER a public hearing on the original legislation. no public hearing was held after Mursau's pork was put into the bill. Mursau should be ashamed of himself for playing politics for his own glory.
  7. Madravenspeak
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    Madravenspeak - December 12, 2012 8:49 pm
    There was an amendment to flag the traps so people could see where these hidden abominations will be - but for .001 % of the population - the sadists, the NRB hunter activist board determined that it would "upset the trappers who might have traps set off or stolen by other trappers."
    Over 2500 emails and letters poured into the DNR and Parks Commission - 96% of them AGAINST Act 168 and all trapping and hunting in the parks and our public lands. Right now 10% of the population is raping out our wildlife literally on seven and a half million acres. But that is not enough for them - they want to take the last wildlife refuge where the animals are really tame - and get them out of the 62,000 acres set aside for the rest of us to find refuge as humans. As one hunter pointed out ( some hunters want safe refuge for silent sports away from the dangers of hunting and trapping) - wildlife act differently when hunted. They will not be as visible for photographers and the economic juggernaut of wildlife watching. They will go nocturnal and rightly fear humans. People will not be able to show their children a beaver building a dam - a fawn resting - an otter swimming.

    Why should the state agency that governs our commonwealth public lands and the wildlife we are entitled to steward - be structured on killing licenses? A trapper can go in and pay $4 if he mentors a child into trapping ( also $4) and kill as many animals as he can destroy in indiscriminate traps, bludgeoning trapped animals, crushing them or shooting them - unlimited traplines, unlimited "bag" limits.

    Why shouldn't I as a citizen be able to go in and pay $4 and SAVE as many animals as I want permanently as he kills permanently? This is insane.

    I want my citizen rights - to pay and have a say. If you want your non-hunter rights - join us at - or live in violence and a dead Wisconsin run by armed thugs.
  8. midwestguy
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    midwestguy - December 12, 2012 5:43 pm
    How about letting the "extreme preppers" have a hunting season in the state parks-on each other.
  9. bananahammock
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    bananahammock - December 12, 2012 3:33 pm
    Really? Does buying store bought meat suddenly make it OK to kill because it wasn't you doing the killing? Also, pound for pound hunting isn't really any cheaper than store bought meat at all after you factor in license, gas, time and possibly processing.
  10. Devastation608
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    Devastation608 - December 12, 2012 2:15 pm
    Does killing make you feel like more of a man? Or can you simply not afford to buy store bought meat?
  11. mister_a_in_madison
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    mister_a_in_madison - December 12, 2012 1:11 pm
    How long will it be before park visitors start seeing less of the wildlife that they are used to seeing?

    Or will the DNR get the memo out about how to identify traps to the non-hunted species and that they should just ignore gunshots?
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