In Stoughton, Sugar & Spice Eatery & Deli at 317 Nora St. is one of the “big three” locally-owned casual dining spots along with the Koffee Kup and the Sunrise Café. Sisters Carrie Knipfer and Amy Frane bought the tucked-away space from “Grandma” Marilyn Waltz 18 years ago.

Before that, it was a pizza parlor, and before that a motorcycle and bicycle repair shop. Knipfer and Frane have now owned the place longer than Waltz did. She was a local institution unto herself, and the sisters embrace their place in the fabric of the community with obvious care and affection.

Lining the walls are advertisements, photos, and other memorabilia from old businesses in the area, even milk bottles from long-defunct dairies like Alpine, Stoughton Pure Milk and Johnson Dairy.