Sujhey Beisser posts recipes for dishes like arroz con pollo at her blog,


Sujhey Beisser's love for deeply flavored, aromatic, beautifully cooked food is evident from one glance at her delicious Instagram feed

"I always go with what I'm craving, what's my palate at the time," said Beisser. 


Sujhey Beisser is a passionate cook, food writer, recipe developer and photographer who is starting a personal chef business. 

In the winter, that means rich braises and stews from her native Venezuela, or hallacas (similar to tamales) that her family made for Christmas. For her recipe blog Five Senses Palate, Beisser takes inspiration from around the world, using her tagine to make couscous and experimenting with Chinese five spice powder. 

Sujhey joins Lindsay on the podcast this week to talk about cooking winter comfort food. 

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