A filmmaker and Madison native is hoping to raise funds through his Kickstarter campaign to film a web series about polyamorous couples in Madison.

Ben Fritz, who was born in Madison and now lives in Los Angeles, is asking for $30,000 to fund the project, called "The Ethical Slut," named after the book about polyamory. As of Friday, Fritz was more than halfway to his goal, but needs to raise the funds by 8:29 a.m. on Thursday, May 9.

Kickstarter is an innovative crowd-sourced site that allows artists, musicians, filmmakers and others to raise money for their projects. Those interested pledge money, and if the campaign reaches its financial goal, the money is donated and the project goes forward.

If the campaign falls short, no money changes hands. Recently, the creators of the television show "Veronica Mars" raised millions to make a movie based on the show, and "Scrubs" star Zach Braff used Kickstarter to raise funds for his next movie.

On the site, Fritz describes the series as a 12-episode fictional series that would be shot in a mockumentary style, like "The Office," and would "showcase Madison as a city, in a similar way as 'Portlandia' shows off Portland."

"The Ethical Slut" is described as a dark, female-driven comedy about swingers that aims to promote a positive and healthy outlook towards sex.

"Our characters will cliff dive into the human psyche to uncover what drives us, controls us, and prevents us from enjoying our true nature and loving not only others, but ourselves unconditionally," Fritz writes.

Like all Kickstarter campaigns, the campaign offers perks for donors at every level. At the $10 level, donors get the chance to preview the web series early, while $10,000 donors get an executive producer title and a role in the series.

Fritz's last web project was the three-episode "Cynthia Watrous Gets Lost," a comedy series about the former "Lost" actress navigating Hollywood.

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