Vandalism most fowl is happening on Madison's east side, leaving police scratching for clues.

The weird goings-on happened to a 29-year-old Drexel Avenue man, with the perpetrator, someone dressed in a chicken costume, leaving chicken bones, Popeye's Chicken to-go bags and even a pile of chicken feet at the victim's residence.

The only thing the victim could think of for a vandal to squawk about was a political sign he had in his yard last fall in support of Gov. Scott Walker.

"There hadn't been any recent breakup, or scorned lover, or trouble with a co-worker," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain in a news release.

The Walker sign was vandalized last November. Then the weirdness began.

"About once a month, usually on a Thursday or Friday night, the victim would find all things chicken in his yard, on his car, on the porch, on the roof," DeSpain said. "Popeye's Chicken bags, partially eaten pieces, chicken feet, even a broken printer and a floor fan was tossed on his roof."

Weird went to real weird in August, when the homeowner found a voodoo mask on his front door, made of wood with hair in dreadlocks.

The man had enough, so he set up a camera to catch the culprit.

"The camera, wouldn't you know it, picked up the first look of the night depositer on Halloween," DeSpain said.

It was no voodoo high priest, but a chicken, or rather someone dressed as a chicken, with red feet, light-colored feathers and a head piece that didn't give a clue as to who was underneath.

The vandal also left pumpkins and large containers of liquid labeled Popeye's Chicken sweet tea on the stoop.

"Detectives continue to peck away at the case," DeSpain told

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