A hug almost ended in tragedy Tuesday night when a woman twice drove into a woman her boyfriend had hugged, Madison police reported.

The struck woman sustained minor injuries, and the woman's sister also was injured when she stuck her head into the driver's side window of the car that was driving into her sister, according to a police news release.

Police said they are looking for the driver in the incident, which was reported at 5:54 p.m. in the 1500 block of Troy Drive.

It all started when the two sisters, 27 and 19, both from Madison, had trouble starting their van. The older sister called a male friend, a 22-year-old Madison resident, to come out and give a jump start.

"He did so, and before he gave a jump start, he apparently gave the older sister an embrace," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain in the release.

The hug was observed by the man's girlfriend, a 24-year-old Madison woman.

"She apparently followed him to the parking lot on Troy Drive," DeSpain said. "When she arrived she started pulling his hair."

She then grabbed a tire jack and looked like she was going to hit the man, while demanding he turn over the car keys, since the car was hers.

"The suspect got the keys, and that's when things turned worse," DeSpain said. "She got behind the wheel and targeted the older sister, who got the hug. She hit the woman with her car, causing the sister to roll up on the car's hood."

The angry girlfriend put the car in reverse, allowing the sister on the hood to get off the car.

The girlfriend backed up and came at the sister one more time.

"The younger sister tried to push her older sister out of the way, but the older sister got hit again, causing her to hit the hood and windshield," DeSpain said.

Meanwhile, the younger sister tried to get into the car, getting stuck part way in the driver's side window.

"She ended up getting scratches to her arm and bumped her head," DeSpain said.

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The driver then drove away, hitting a parked car in the process, with the rear bumper of her car dragging on the pavement.

The boyfriend apparently was not injured.

"This whole scene probably made for some interesting bedtime discussions Tuesday night," DeSpain said. "There were at least a dozen preschool-aged  kids in the parking lot while this was going on."

The suspect's car was recovered later but she was still at large as of Wednesday morning.

"Once found, she'll be arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree reckless endangerment, domestic disorderly conduct while armed, hit and run, and trespassing," DeSpain said.