Updated Kids Fund Logo

Welcome to the new year and thanks to readers of The Capital Times, it will be a good one for recipients of Kids Fund grants.

Once again, donations will allow grants to dozens of local nonprofits that deal with the problems and challenges of young people in the Dane County area.

Although the drive to raise funds for the 2018 grants has officially ended, there are still hundreds of contributors to be acknowledged as we begin the new year. We will continue to do so in this space during the weeks ahead.

Kids Fund donations are welcome throughout the year. You can contribute with any amount to The Kids Fund, c/o The Capital Times, PO Box 8060, Madison WI 53708 or by going online to thekidsfund.org.

Following is a list of recent contributors:

Dr. John Ryder, Oregon: $300

Robert and Georgia Graves, Madison: $100

Mark and Jennell Ballering, Madison: $100

Julia and Kenneth Richardson, Lodi: $50

Margaret Fose, Sun Prairie: $25

Becky Jones, Madison: $35

Michael O'Rourke, Madison: $5

Pat Jahns: $5

James Nellen, Madison: $20

Gary and Shirley Frank, Madison: $100

Katherine Masden Trust, Madison: $25

Anonymous, Madison: $100

Elaine Staley, Madison: $10

Paul Haseman and Theodore Peterson, Madison: $50

Mary Ann Austin, Mount Horeb: $50

Mark and Susan Oleinik, Cambridge: $20

Brian and Luanne Alme, Monona: $50

Susan and Stephen Carpenter, Madison: $250

Jeffery and Linda Hicken, Madison: $50

Frederick Katz, Middleton: $100

Thomas and Linda Schmitt, Sun Prairie: $25

Phyllis Lorenz, Madison: $50

Carol Milanich, Madison: $50

Larry and Merita Sabroff, Madison: $30

Alan and Karen Crossley, Madison: $50

Miles Turner, Waunakee: $50

Jacob and Carole Gmur, Madison: $10

Wendy Schell, Madison: $20

Laurie and Dwight Luetscher, Middleton: $100

George and Deborah Reed, Sun Prairie: $20

Ronald and Judith Acker, Waunakee: $30

Joseph Senulis and Benita Walker, Madison: $35

Susanna and Richard Hammes, Prairie du Sac: $25

Sharla Hanson, Madison: $35

Bruce and Marjorie Cuthbert, Fitchburg: $25

Robert and Carol Nielsen, Madison: $30

Carole Mohr, Fitchburg: $50

William and Patricia Flanagan, Waunakee: $50

Patricia and David Kippert, Sun Prairie: $20

Robert Newbery and Nancy Sugden, Madison: $100

Ted III and Abigail Pertzborn, Waunakee: $25

Leslie Ladd and Bill Hantke, Madison: $20

Douglas Kelly and Sandra Ihle, Madison: $100

Robin Taylor, Madison: $35

Robert and Mary Burke, Madison: $50

Rev. Sandra Nuernberg, Madison: $100

Richard Blaschke, Middleton: $50

Sally Behr and Robert McDonald, Madison: $50

Janice Durand, Madison: $25

Michael and Gina Florek, Madison: $30

Ronald and Kathleen Parton, Madison: $50

Rachel Hess, Austin, Texas; and Anthony Hess, Seoul, South Korea: $50

Pamela Hewitt, Stoughton, in loving memory of Clarence and Clarice McNitt: $50

Gerald Lamers, Sun Prairie: $100

Kathleen Thompson, Madison: $10

Donald Luke, Madison: $15

Carol Fink, Mount Horeb: $15

Mary and John Rowe, Monona: $100

Mary Goonan, Belleville: $15

Janet Aeschlimann, McFarland: $50

Beatrice Littel Trust, McFarland: $100

Josephine Ferguson, Madison: $25

R.A. Baumler, Glen Ellyn, IL: $100

Daniel Kleist, Madison: $10

Sylvia Broderick, Sauk City: $10

James and Anita Lescohier, Stoughton: $25

William Zimmerman, Evansville: $100

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Ronald and Sharon Blau, DeForest: $25

Earl Hazeltine, Mount Horeb: $20

Bruce and Marsha Gregg, Madison: $50

Karla and William Ashmore, Verona: $25

Wallace and Margaret Douma, Madison: $25

Betty Sumnicht, Madison: $10

Joyce Weston, Madison: $100

Robert Fiegel, Verona: $10

Jeanette and David Zimmerman, Madison: $50

Mary Jo Biebl-Yahnke and Ross Yahnke, Madison: $100

Jerald and Kendra Tutsh, Lodi: $300

Gerald Lefert, Madison: $200

Jerald and Ann Nelson, Monona: $100

Mary Ann McBride, Madison: $25

Todd and Ann Kiefer, Madison: $200

Carl and Elizabeth Silverman, Madison: $50

Ronald Kivi, Sun Prairie: $50

Doris and Lloyd Stapelmann, Mount Horeb: $25

Thomas and Linda Hanson, DeForest: $50

Robert and Connie Salmon, Middleton: $30

Ross Shrago, Middleton: $25

Jacqueline and Charles Umhoefer, Middleton: $100

Eunice Schmitz, Waunakee: $25

Donna Karlen, Monticello: $50

John and Jodi Sweeney, Madison: $50

Mildred Albrecht, Madison: $25

Wilberta Donovan, Madison: $25

Agnes Steichen, Waunakee: $25

Nancy and Tom Alar, Cottage Grove: $300

James and David Ryan, Ryan Living Trust, Fitchburg: $25

Marianne and Alan Staidl, Fitchburg: $50

Herbert Ableman and Carole Bayer, Middleton: $25

K. Bongard, Madison: $5

Myrtle Lundey, Oregon: $10

Total to date: $96,832