Rep. Robin Vos wants to revisit the voter ID law; opponents wonder 'what now?'

2012-12-04T06:00:00Z 2012-12-04T17:43:51Z Rep. Robin Vos wants to revisit the voter ID law; opponents wonder 'what now?'JESSICA VANEGEREN | The Capital Times |

One of the state’s top Republican leaders signaled he's ready for Round 2 in the fight to impose a voter ID law in Wisconsin, saying it will be a priority when lawmakers get back to work in January.

“Having photo ID is something that is broadly supported by the public,” Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Burlington, said Sunday on the Milwaukee TV talk show “UpFront with Mike Gousha.” “It is something that I really hope we will have in place by the next general election.”

So far, Round 1 of the fight is a draw: Republicans' first voter ID effort, which became law in May 2011, is currently tied up in four separate court cases.

That law, requiring citizens to present photo identification in order to vote, is widely viewed as the most restrictive of its kind in the country because of the limited number of IDs deemed acceptable.

Some portions of the law have gone into effect, but not the photo ID requirement, which is the target of the litigation.

Thus, it's unclear what a new Republican voter ID bill would look like and if it would stand up to what will be tough scrutiny from the minority party and the groups that have legally challenged the first one.

“I thought he (Vos) was misquoted,” says Stacy Harbaugh, a spokeswoman with the America Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin. “I had to double-check the date (on the online post) to make sure he was talking about current issues for the upcoming Legislature.”

The ACLU is one of the groups that have challenged the state law in court. So is the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin.

Andrea Kaminski, the league’s executive director, speculated Monday that a new voter ID law could expand the list of acceptable IDs. She said Alabama, for example, allows its residents to vote if they show a fishing license. That would not be an acceptable form of ID under Wisconsin’s current law.

Wisconsin’s law also does not allow a voter to sign an affidavit to verify his identity, under risk of a criminal penalty for lying. Such a provision in Indiana’s voter ID law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kaminski speculated this provision could be among potential changes Republicans could make to a new bill.

Speaker Vos’ office did not respond to numerous attempts to obtain a comment Monday.

Harbaugh says even expanding the allowable forms of identification would be scrutinized by the ACLU.

“We still say that asking for a photo ID is discriminatory. There is no real way for the Republican leadership to attempt to improve on the voter ID law,” she says. “The law has already been proven in court to have a discriminatory impact on people of color, the elderly, veterans, low-income people and students.”

The resurgence of the issue is “especially surprising,” given the number of court cases pending against the Republicans' first attempt at a voter ID law, says Assembly minority leader Peter Barca of Kenosha.

“The focus of the Legislature should be on creating jobs, not on anti-democracy measures that make it harder for people to vote,” he says.

But, as Vos noted to Gousha in the Sunday interview, the public backs the Republicans on a voter ID law.

The Marquette Law School Poll surveyed 2,126 registered voters in January, April and May on the topic, asking “Do you favor or oppose requiring a government-issued photo ID to vote?”

The average of the three polls was 63 percent in favor, 39 percent opposed and 2 percent undecided, says pollster Charles Franklin.

A national poll conducted by The New York Times of 1,170 registered voters between Sept. 8 and 12 found similar results, with 70 percent in support and 28 percent opposed to voter ID.

However, Franklin notes that Minnesota voters in November rejected a constitutional amendment imposing a voter ID requirement in that state.

“It’s interesting that the (Minnesota) public changed its mind when the campaigning began and issues were then raised against supporting voter ID,” Franklin says.

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(33) Comments

  1. Think Before You Speak
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    Think Before You Speak - December 09, 2012 3:13 pm
    boy cons thats a stupid moronic statement. Tell me, you still in diapers or did you sneak onto your parents computer. Ha HA HAHAHAHAAHHAA!!!!!
  2. Think Before You Speak
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    Think Before You Speak - December 09, 2012 2:46 pm
    think that voter I.D. should be required. The Democratic party is trying to say the Republicans are ''singling out'' the Democratic voting population, the minorities. However this isn't the case. The fact is they are using a useful method not to make voting more painful but to protect our right as Americans, born and legal ones, to vote. People from other countries are even voting. People will even vote more than once and so will people who have lost this right due to being a criminal or criminally insane. If anyone tells you that voter fraud isn't an issue, their wrong. It isn't an issue because they cannot handle the issue enough to resole the situation. Think of it this way, DO WE REALLY WANT PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT LEGAL CITIZENS OR EVEN BORN IN ANOTHER COUNTRY TO VOTE IN AMERICA. I say: NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!

    heres some of my sources as to how I made my decision, if you want anymore anybody just ask. And to let everyone know before hand, I'm a centrist, not a republican. Also I don't support FOX News. Thank you

  3. Think Before You Speak
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    Think Before You Speak - December 09, 2012 2:40 pm
    Quick, someone with intellegence please tell me 2 reasons for why we shouldn't have voter I.D. with examples. I need a reference for a report of the cons as to why we shouldn't have voter I.D.
  4. Wis_taxpayer
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    Wis_taxpayer - December 06, 2012 7:50 pm
    Warren, if you don't like Obama, stop collecting all those handouts!
  5. Warren G Harding
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    Warren G Harding - December 05, 2012 10:17 pm
    It's been proven on FOX News that the elections were stolen by ACORN and the socialists, who will stop at nothing to bring this once-great nation to its knees. Only the job creators should be voting; people such as Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and Donald Trump. The lower 47% don't even care about bettering themselves. They just want handouts which was proven by Mitt a couple months ago.
  6. consRcrazy
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    consRcrazy - December 05, 2012 1:07 am
    next they will want photo ID to post on political blogs
  7. consRcrazy
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    consRcrazy - December 05, 2012 1:05 am
    how about labor camps for the unemployed and then declare full employment
  8. Rosalie
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    Rosalie - December 05, 2012 12:43 am
    Because state issued ID's that would be required to vote are usually only available in places difficult to access by those without automobiles. That's the whole point!

    Make voter ID's easily available in places that issue the other kinds of ID's you mention.

  9. happydays
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    happydays - December 04, 2012 10:36 pm
    Just got a letter sayng I have to get a Real ID if I want to fly - know nothing about it - but as I renew my DL - I will get it. I guess if you want to fly - get a government issued ID to prove you are a citizen - but no problem - don't need one to vote???? really?
  10. Tea Parody
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    Tea Parody - December 04, 2012 10:13 pm
    So maybe the Democratics should keep throwing shells. They are surrounded by Elephants in the legislature. Maybe throwing peanut shells at them will make them go away. What a bunch of silly Democrat Donkeys! Ha! Ha! Ha!
  11. Tea Parody
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    Tea Parody - December 04, 2012 10:10 pm
    Anyone with a brain in his head knows the voter ID laws make sense. One benefit is that by having a picture ID, those who are sudden victims of amnesia can present the picture to a police officer or doctor and be reconnected with family. Then theres the benefit of knowing that one one else is using your name to vote for you when you are too tired to go to the polls, or say on vacation and don't want to use an absentee ballot. Of course voter ID cards with photo are great for before and after stories such as "Would you believe I used to weigh 350 pounds?, Here, look at my photo voter ID card, that's me one year ago when the Democrats lost all elections in Wisconsin for the 10 time in a row!" Ha! Ha! Ha!
  12. MadRes18
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    MadRes18 - December 04, 2012 8:48 pm
    Why are Republicans afraid of free and fair elections?
  13. Wis_taxpayer
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    Wis_taxpayer - December 04, 2012 8:43 pm
    So Republicans want a new voter ID law because of all the voter fraud..... except that there is almost no voter fraud, AND the few cases of voter fraud there are, would not have been prevented by voter ID's

    This is such blatant voter suppression it's pathetic!

    Republican law makers should be ashamed of themselves.

    This is what our proud State has descended to....
  14. Fartinthewind
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    Fartinthewind - December 04, 2012 7:55 pm
    Hmmmmmm. Conservatives posting here have routinely espoused a cocksure belief that the adults on the Supreme Court will find the current Voter ID law constitutional. But now all of a sudden, Republicans are taking a second look at voter ID laws? Could it be that the GOP leadership team doesn't have the same level of confidence in the adults on the supreme court?
  15. Norby
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    Norby - December 04, 2012 7:11 pm
    I think you have identified the key point, who will vote in the primaries and elections in 2014.
  16. concerned_citizen
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    concerned_citizen - December 04, 2012 7:09 pm
    wait, I thought they promised "more jobs", not "fewer voters"?
  17. Rosalie
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    Rosalie - December 04, 2012 5:26 pm
    I'm sure Voss and his fellow Republicans would not be happy if the necessary ID's were easily available to those without driver's licenses as in any convenience or grocery stores. And why cannot they be handled there - the post office now makes stamps available in many commercial outlets.
  18. Rosalie
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    Rosalie - December 04, 2012 5:20 pm
    Time for more people to vote in non-presidential election years as Democrats did not in 2010.

    And I hope no one is complaining who has said that the two parties (unfortunately only two) are as alike as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Sometimes Tweedledum can be a lot worse than Tweedledee - a lot worse!!
  19. Dante_in_Madison
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    Dante_in_Madison - December 04, 2012 5:06 pm
    Poor little Robin. Ex wife commits voter fraud. Of course he's worried about voter fraud.

    On an unrelated note, I wonder how much money AT&T really directs his way...
  20. Shake
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    Shake - December 04, 2012 3:25 pm
    So far since the election we have:

    1) Il Duce wants to eliminate same day registration.
    2) Fittzgerald wants to turn the GAB into a partisan group
    3) Vos wants to bring back voter ID

    It's all about jobs, jobs, jobs.
    Not for us, of course, but to keep theirs.
  21. Willac
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    Willac - December 04, 2012 2:17 pm
    Republican should focus on getting people to vote FOR them rather than stopping people from voting.
  22. racedog48
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    racedog48 - December 04, 2012 1:46 pm
    DA clears Vos? wife in voting case

    Racine County?s district attorney has determined claims the wife of republican lawmaker Robin Vos voted fraudulently in elections this year were unfounded.

    Former democratic state assembly candidate Roberta Retrum filed a complaint, noting Vos? wife, Samantha Vos, voted in Wisconsin?s April 3 primary election, and subsequent elections, despite submitting a sworn affidavit of residency in Idaho to a court there.

    In a new release, district attorney Richard Chiapete said an individual shall not lose residency in Wisconsin if they leave the state, with the intent to return.

    Chiapete said Vos was out of Wisconsin for temporary purposes.

    Vos? declaration to the Idaho court was for the purposes of her legal separation from Robin Vos, and stated she had been an Idaho resident from early March through the April 3 election date. Reports from the Racine County sheriff?s investigation show Vos has lived in Idaho for the past fifteen months, but has returned to Wisconsin for periods, and has not registered to vote in any other state.
  23. knittingnancy
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    knittingnancy - December 04, 2012 12:25 pm
    Guess you easily see fraud when it happens right at your own home and family.
  24. RichardSRussell
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    RichardSRussell - December 04, 2012 11:44 am
    What, these guys are so blind to REAL problems that they have to invent fake ones to address? They'll put the law in place, and 5 years from now they'll be able to say "SEE! There's no more voter fraud! Our law worked!" This completely ignores the fact that there wasn't any voter fraud BEFORE they enacted the law, either.
    It's like the guy sitting on the park bench, cracking peanuts and throwing the shells over his shoulder. His buddy asks him what's the deal with the shells.
    "Keeps the elephants away."
    "Are you nuts? There aren't any elephants within miles of here."
    "See! It's working!"
  25. TSEliot2012
    Report Abuse
    TSEliot2012 - December 04, 2012 10:28 am
    ...and whitey..., voting is supposed to be anonymous and secret. If I want someone to know how I voted, I'll tell them, not expect it to be traced through fingerprinting.
  26. MadCityYokal
    Report Abuse
    MadCityYokal - December 04, 2012 10:21 am
    Call it for what it is -- This isn't just voter suppression, this is targeted voter suppression by Republicans of people who do not vote for Republicans. It's ageist, classist, and racist.
    And, combine this with Scott Fitzgerald wishing to gut the GAB, you have the perfect storm for an anti-Democratic Oligarchy being created.

    This no longer the Wisconsin I grew up in. What are we going to do about this!?

    "SERFS" UP! Time to make waves!
  27. Harvey
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    Harvey - December 04, 2012 10:13 am
    I am waiting for someone to say "You need a photo I.D. to drive" or "You need a photo I.D. to buy liquor" or "You need a photo I.D. to attend university classes" or "You need a photo I.D. to buy a gun" so why not require a photo I.D. to vote? The answer: Voting is a right not a privilege.
  28. xcatholic
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    xcatholic - December 04, 2012 10:03 am
    what ever happened with the VOTER FRAUD charges against Robin Voss's WIFE ??????
  29. Bobby P
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    Bobby P - December 04, 2012 9:56 am
    Voter ID, photo or not, would be fine with me if it included the right provisions... which would insure voters the ability to secure such an ID easily and at no cost. One such provision would be to just issue the ID immediately when the voter registers to vote.

    But when it is all said and done, such voter restrictions ARE NOT going to add to security or prevent voter fraud... because there is almost no voter fraud to begin with!
  30. Wis_BlogRider
    Report Abuse
    Wis_BlogRider - December 04, 2012 9:05 am
    Having served in our military in a time of war, when I returned to American soil I was so thankful for our freedoms and never imagined in my life time we would have those freedoms become as threatened as they are today by the many unpatriotic self serving fools we have currently elected to public office across this entire country. Shame on all those who spout the voter fraud chant. You all know better. This is all about outright voter suppression. This is all about divide and conquer. Making it harder for citizens to exercise their voting rights is about as disgusting an act as it gets to destroying our American freedoms and democracy.
  31. Puffy
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    Puffy - December 04, 2012 8:59 am
    I guess Voss hasn't realized the extent of the damage done to the GOP by these voter repression policies. The vids from Florida are absolutely embarrassing. What happened to figuring out a better version of BadgerCare, or revising taxes to improve our revenue stream, or for that matter... JOBS?

    Suppressing voters won't work. It's bad public relations to be suppressing voters, especially when one has NO FACTS to support fraud.

    It doesn't matter whether the mainstream media covers this nonsense. We (about 100 million of us) are willing to watch YouTube. We won't vote for it.
  32. whitey
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    whitey - December 04, 2012 8:52 am
    In developing countries a fail proof system cheap and effective is used. Voters simply place a thumb or finger print next to their name or on the ballot. A simple procedure with a minimal cost. Everyone that wants to vote can vote and if there are questions of voter fraud easy to verify.
  33. raceturd48
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    raceturd48 - December 04, 2012 8:29 am
    Republicans will go to any length to disenfranchise voters.
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