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At first, it was bring our troops back home. Now, it's bring the money to support those troops back home.

Dane County Board supervisors will be considering a resolution Thursday to redirect war spending to domestic needs, part of a national effort to press the Pentagon on reducing military spending so more money can be devoted to helping people in the U.S.

The resolution, "Bring Our War Dollars Home (BOW$H), will be introduced to the County Board at Thursday night's meeting by Supervisor Kyle Richmond.

In a news release from the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, Richmond said "It's not only appropriate but necessary for Dane County to take a stand on U.S. military spending."

WNPJ said $2.3 billion from Dane County taxpayers has been spent on war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.

How much would that $2.3 billion have paid for the past 10 years?

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WNPJ said every 18-year-old in the county could have had a four-year college scholarship, 11 new teachers could have been added for every 100 students in the county's elementary schools, and health care for military veterans could have been fully funded.

The BOW$H resolution has been proposed to local boards and councils across the country; WNPJ said the Milwaukee Common Council passed the resolution unanimously.

The Dane County Board meeting is at 7 p.m. Thursday in Room 201 of the City-County Building.