Walker favorability

For 16 months, Gov. Scott Walker enjoyed an unbroken run of being above water in net favorability among Wisconsin registered voters.

Since May 2014, however, Marquette Law School polls have shown varying results on how the state feels about Walker.

And this month, Walker reached a new low in the polling.

Just 39 percent said they have a favorable opinion of Walker, according to a Marquette poll released Thursday. With 57.2 percent holding an unfavorable opinion, that's a minus-18.2 percentage point gap in net favorability.

The Marquette poll surveyed 802 registered voters from Aug. 13 to Aug. 16, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.3 percentage points.

The last poll, conducted in April, showed a "substantial widening of the gap" between unfavorable (55 percent) and favorable (41.7 percent), poll director Charles Franklin said at an event Thursday to release the most recent data.

Here are the results of questions about Walker's favorability in Marquette polls:

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The poll released Thursday asked registered voters whether they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion about nine politicians as well as Pope Francis. Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump (minus-37.8) and Jeb Bush (minus-22.7) had worse net favorability than Walker, while Ted Cruz (minus-9.6) was better. All three, however, had a much larger percentage of those surveyed saying they didn't know enough to form an opinion.

Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, who's running again in 2016, has a 12-point gap in favorability over unfavorability, while Wisconsin's current U.S. senators, Ron Johnson (minus-0.8) and Tammy Baldwin (minus-4.6) are both under water.

In the Democratic presidential race, Bernie Sanders (plus-11.4) is viewed more positively than Hillary Clinton (minus-14.4), although 48 percent of people didn't express an opinion on Sanders compared to just 9 percent for Clinton.

And no one came close to Pope Francis, whose net favorability was plus-38.7. He was the only one of the 10 with a majority popular opinion (51 percent).

Todd D. Milewski covers Wisconsin Badgers men's hockey and the UW Athletic Department for the Wisconsin State Journal.