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Ken Taylor, executive director of Wisconsin Council on Children and Families.

Mike DeVries/The Capital Times

This week’s top read detailed a report that put Wisconsin at the bottom.

“The message remains ... the well being of our white kids is in the top and the well being of our African-American kids is at the bottom,” said Ken Taylor, executive director of Kids Forward. “We have to get on top of this.”

The report, released last week from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, shows that Wisconsin has the largest racial disparity in child well-being. It echoed similar findings of other studies. Taylor argued that an increasingly diverse state can’t expect to succeed if it leaves large pockets of its population behind.

“We need to have this conversation at the state level, not not just because it’s the right thing to do morally, it’s the smart thing to do economically,” Taylor said.

Another top read was this week’s cover story, which looked at the recent announcement declaring the University of Wisconsin will reorganize its system by merging two-year schools with four-year universities. Some faculty said they were blindsided by the change.

“The way it was handled was such a strong signal that, ‘We’re not looking for your input, we’re not trusting you with this decision,’” said Anja Wanner, a professor of English and linguistics at UW-Madison and chair of the Faculty Senate’s executive committee. “I wonder why someone would want to send that signal?”

Other top reads this week include a neighborhood debate over the prospect of alcohol at a Willy Street Co-op and the Overture Center’s decision to cut ties with actor Tom Wopat as he faces indecent assault charges.

Here are the top 10 reads on from Sunday, Oct.22, to Saturday, Oct. 28:

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