Updated Kids Fund Logo

One of the saddest realities in the Madison area is the number of homeless children among us.

The local nonprofit "The Road Home" was founded to provide temporary housing for these youngsters and to assist them and their families in finding permanent housing and other help.

The organization was one of 53 in the Dane County area to receive grants from The Capital Times' Kids Fund during 2017, all made possible by the generosity of the paper's readers.

The drive to raise funds for grants in 2018 is currently underway. You can help by sending a donation of any amount to The Kids Fund, c/o The Capital Times, PO Box 8060, Madison WI 53708 or by going to thekidsfund.org and making a contribution online with your credit card. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Following is a list of recent contributors:

Robert E. Schmook, Madison: $100

John and Kelly Blackburn, Stoughton: $250

William and Constance Mills, Fitchburg: $100

Edward and Kathleen O'Connor, Belleville: $50

Florence Wetzel, Madison: $100

Daniel and Mary Petersen, Fitchburg: $1,000

Sourasay Chareunsouk and Judy Bieri, Madison: $30

Donald Korn and Susan Policello, Madison: $25

Gordon and Gail Derzon, Madison: $300

Paul and Carol Nelson, Waunakee: $50

Kristine Lamont, Madison: $25

Cary and Susan Graf, Madison: $20

Cathern T. Schultz, Verona: $100

Carol M. Lorenz, Waunakee: $100

Louis and Fran Rall, Madison: $50

Shirley and Jack Duschak, Madison: $100

David and Christine Dillon Puchalsky, Madison: $50

Milka and Ivan Knezevic, Madison: $150

Barbara Schuler, Madison: $100

Joyce W. Crim, Madison: $25

Dale Wortley, Verona: $100

Robert and Jeanne Topel, Madison: $50

Kathleen Carr and Adam B. Borseth, Madison: $50

James and Sharon Olle, Madison: $50

Todd Ambs, Madison: $50

Douglas Kirk, Madison: $50

Tino Balio, Madison: $50

James and Jane Anderson, Sun Prairie: $30

Lynda Dale, Madison: $25

Robert Wynn II and Millie Jones, Madison: $35

Marvin Meissen, Madison: $50

Joan M. Schaefer, Madison: $200

Tod and Marcia Melotte, Madison: $25

Carl Malizio, Madison: $100

Judy Meyers, Madison: $50

Nancy and Jae Bock Chung, Sun Prairie: $100

Linda Candlin, Madison: $125

Richard and Rita Paulson Living Trust, Madison: $25

James R. Cleasby, Cottage Grove: $10

Dale A. Nordeen, Madison: $100

James and Jessica Doyle, Verona: $200

Carl Edward Stark, Madison: $30

Virginia O'Brien, Fitchburg: $200

Robert and Judith Sorrick, Madison: $50

Kim and Carol Kindschi, Madison: $50

Richard and Mary Ann Ihlenfeld, Madison: $50

Gregory L. Wagner, Madison: $25

John and April Hoffman, Oro Valley, Az: $40

Anonymous: $200

Erica Napoli and Martin Drapkin, Cross Plains: $50

Mary Strickland, Madison: $100

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Dr. Gordon and Marjorie Davenport, Middleton: $25

David and Susan Schultz, Stoughton: $50

Anonymous: $25,000

Timo Seppalainen: $200

Teresa Weaver, St. Peters, Mo.: $100

Jerry Bolig, Oregon: $50

James and Carole Peterson: $20

Richard Lust, Verona/Mount Horeb: $250

Anonymous: $100

Issac Hass, Madison: $25

Abigail Loomis, Madison: $50

Kerra and Bradley Guffey: $100

Ernest and Helen Madsen, Madison: $40

Eric and Kathleen Wendorff, Middleton: $25

Cynthia Vanderwoude, Verona: $50

Brian Duffy, Madison: $100

Marianne and Kenneth Paker, Madison: $100

Daniel Walker, Madison: $50

Roger and Sandra Alt: $25

Linda Brown, Cottage Grove: $25

Sarah Flood, Oregon: $1,000

Michael and Patricia Lucey, Madison: $100

James Fiedler and Margaret Koehler, Fitchburg: $25

Carole Stangler, Sun Prairie: $20

William and Janice Gavinski, Madison: $50

Donna Peterson, Madison: $5

Total to date: $64,487