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Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy insists that the state's Foxconn deal keeps getting even worse. He notes that the Taiwanese plant in southeastern Wisconsin is likely to generate job growth among suppliers who are located outside of the state, significantly reducing the job growth that the Scott Walker administration predicted would come from the $4.1 billion in subsidies the corporation will receive from Wisconsin taxpayers.

In a column that appears on WisOpinion, state Rep. John Nygren claims that the Wisconsin GOP continues to lead on health care. He contends that the Scott Walker plan to bolster the stability of the health care exchange market is proof that state Republicans are making needed changes to offset the "failures" of Obamacare.

In another WisOpinion column, state Rep. Gary Hebl, a Democrat from Sun Prairie, writes that the state must ensure strong election safeguards. He points to the legislative Republicans' forced ouster of Elections Commission administrator Michael Haas as increasing the danger that Wisconsin won't be prepared for what could be an onslaught to attacks on the state voting system.

State Sen. Tom Tiffany, a Hazelhurst Republican who is often labeled as the Legislature's most ardent anti-environmentalist, claims in a WisOpinion column that the pending "wetlands reform" act strikes a balance between protecting the environment and helping businesses and developers to move ahead.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen, however, says that under Scott Walker Wisconsin has become an environmental outlier. He contrasts Walker's and the Wisconsin Legislature's attacks on environmental rules and regulations with what Minnesota has done to protect that state's water and air and preserve its natural beauty.

So this is what it took for Paul Ryan to stand up, blogs Caffeinated Politics' Gregory Humphrey. He applauds Ryan, the speaker of the House, for bucking Donald Trump's plans to enact tariffs on steel and aluminum, but wonders why the First District congressman hasn't stood up to the president before.

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Meanwhile, the Racine Journal Times editorializes that it disagrees with Trump's claim that "trade wars are good and easy to win." The paper quotes a number of Trump supporters, including several Wisconsin firms, that say his planned tariffs will cause economic havoc for many businesses.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's conservative columnist Christian Schneider, meanwhile, produces a "sample form letter" that Republicans can use to explain Donald Trump to their constituents, including claiming that as a member of Congress "I've got your back." Schneider, not a fan of Trump, includes claims that Trump won't last, but tax cuts will.

Leftie blogger Jeff Simpson notes that Gov. Scott Walker is trying to rebrand himself as election time nears. Walker is claiming that liberals are pushing "anger and hate" in their gubernatorial campaign, Simpson writes, and then posts a number of Walker videos showing how he spent his first several years in office fanning the flames of "divide and conquer."