Veteran political observer Bill Kraus returns with a column that appears today on WisOpinion in which he observes that early handicapping has Scott Walker the favorite to win re-election. So he lists the odds of the several Dems who say they'll take on Walker next year, ranging from a 100-1 longshot for Mike McCabe to 20-1 odds for Madison Mayor Paul Soglin.

Speaking of probable Democratic candidates, former state chair Matt Flynn writes a piece posted on WisOpinion in which he calls for the state to renegotiate the Walker deal with Foxconn. Right now, he says, the deal is too one-sided, favoring Foxconn over the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Carthage College distinguished professor Arthur Cyr pens a guest column for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in which he says preparing for war with North Korea is essential. But, he adds, that doesn't mean there will be one. The new UN sanctions show the rest of the world is united and the Korean armistice, after all, has lasted for 64 years.

Gretchen Schuldt, a blogger for the Wisconsin Justice Initiative, pens a column for Urban Milwaukee urging the state to reduce penalties for marijuana possession. Second offense for pot possession is still a felony, she points out, and declares that to be counterproductive.

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Also on Urban Milwaukee, data wonk Bruce Thompson presents a series of charts and graphs that show Wisconsin taxpayers were the big losers in Scott Walker's decision not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Walker was lucky that the ACA picked up the bulk of Wisconsin residents who lost out as a result, but his gamble has exposed the state to higher costs down the line, he says.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen speculates that Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp may be in line to ruin the federal Environmental Protection Agency, too. He notes that she's been contacted by Trump staffers about joining the agency in the near future.

"Let the police round-up begin," blogs David Blaska to the news that Madison Police Chief Mike Koval has identified 60 people who show up in nearly every one of the reports on shootings and gang activity in town.