We need to stop blaming the teachers and the schools for our education problems, the Beloit Daily News says in response to letters and protests it has received since publishing a series of articles on the condition of the city's school district. The paper points out that the community needs to know the real crux of the problems so that it can address fixes intelligently.

Commenting on the news that Donald Trump's commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, owns a stake in a Russian shipping company with ties to Vladimir Putin, the Racine Journal Times editorializes that Ross really needs to put America first.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen accuses Gov. Scott Walker of playing a numbers game with the Foxconn contract he recently signed obligating state taxpayers to billions of dollars in aid to the private corporation. Walker, he says, always inflates what he thinks are good numbers and lowballs the bad one. Rowen provides examples.

Leftie blogger Jeff Simpson insists that the reason Scott Walker has been able to "run roughshod" over the state is because the state's media don't hold him accountable. He cites stories about Walker's re-election announcement that quoted Walker said he worries about "outside" money against him — but don't include details on how much money Walker himself amasses from the outside.

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UW-Green Bay chancellor Gary Miller, writing in a Green Bay Press-Gazette guest column, says that he's excited about the merger with three nearby two-year colleges that was approved last week by the UW's Board of Regents. He insists the opportunities in the merger outweigh the challenges that some have warned about.

Right Wisconsin's James Wigderson is upset with Bill Penzey of Penzeys Spices, who on Veterans Day called on those upset with NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to admit that the heart of their angst is nothing more than racism. Wigderson attacks Penzey for his remarks.