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Political Environment blogger James Rowen is disgusted with Gov. Scott Walker's move, in the wake of a GOP loss in a normally safe state Senate district, to call a special legislative session to go after food stamp recipients and other poor people who rely on government help. It's a blatant attempt in an election year to once again divide citizens while ignoring the crumbling highways, underfunded schools and environmental damage that his terms in office have created, Rowen insists.

If this was an old-fashioned state Supreme Court race, Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet would be the leading candidate in this spring's judicial election, says Bruce Murphy on Urban Milwaukee. She definitely has the experience and has captured a bundle of endorsements, he says. But outspoken Madison liberal Tim Burns stand in her way, he notes. Meanwhile, highly conservative Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock will garner the dark money that has been dumped in judicial campaigns in recent years, which will work against either Dallet or Burns, he adds.

Apple is gambling with consumer trust, pontificates the Racine Journal Times in an editorial about the smartphone behemoth's purposely slowing down older iPhones. Apple's response to the revelation was to deny they were trying to get customers to buy new phones, but that was disingenuous. Given the corporation's long-standing practice of making it hard for anyone but Apple to fix their phones, many customers will have to wait months to get their $29 replacement batteries, so it's no wonder they are unhappy.

The blog site Right Wisconsin posts an open letter by state Sen. Leah Vukmir to U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin about last Friday's march in Washington in support of the right-to-life movement, of which Vukmir is part. She tells Baldwin, who she hopes to oppose next fall, that these marchers weren't wearing cute "pink hats," a reference to the anti-Donald Trump protests over his "pussy grabbing" comments, or demanding government handouts for contraception or the right to murder.

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Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and state Rep. John Nygren co-author a column for WisOpinion in which they tout Wisconsin's efforts to combat opioid abuse. The two, who chair the governor's task force on opioids, say that the state is ahead of the curve in fighting addiction and their task force on Friday released new recommendations built on four pillars: prevention, supply reduction, treatment, and recovery.