In an Urban Milwaukee column, Steve Walters takes a gander at all the bills that are pending in the state Legislature and predicts there's chaos ahead in the few days left of the session as legislators decide what will and will not pass. Walters lists some of the big issues that need to be addressed.

Nothing matches Scott Walker's flips on matching federal spending, notes Political Environment blogger James Rowen. Where Walker once spurned federal help for infrastructure projects from the Obama administration, he suddenly now sees this as a good thing from Donald Trump. He wants the money, Rowen notes, for highway needs associated with his pet project, Foxconn.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey weighs in on the upcoming Supreme Court race and says he's turned off by Madison lawyer Tim Burns' campaign because he openly identifies as a partisan. Humphrey believes that if liberals really want to change the system, they should link arms and demand merit selection for high court justices rather than electing them.

Humphrey's blog is matched by conservative blogger Jonathan Krause, who also claims to be turned off by Burns' partisanship. He insists that Burns will pave the way to move Supreme Court races to the partisan fall elections, where today they would be a better fit given the attack ads and big spending.

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Blogger Chris Liebenthal notes that Randy Bryce, the ironworker who hopes to win the Democratic nomination to take on Paul Ryan this November, has unionized his campaign staff. Not only does pro-union Bryce talk the talk, he walks the walk, writes Liebenthal.

But Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska sees this as nothing more than a gimmick. He goes on to list those he calls foul-mouthed lefties who are supporting Bryce and then suggests that the Steelworkers Union member is not such a saint himself.