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Right Wisconsin's right-wing editor James Wigderson posts a letter in which he insists that students belong in school instead of taking part in the protests to support stronger gun laws that are scheduled to take place around the state today. Kids should be concerned with studies, not protests, and parents should know better than to let them take part in protests, he lectures.

In a column for Urban Milwaukee, Steve Walters notes that the school safety bill being introduced in the Legislature renews the gun debate in Wisconsin. He notes that polls show that 81 percent of state residents support more extensive background checks. Democrats support them, Republicans oppose, he writes.

Business blogger John Torinus insists that Donald Trump's tariffs aren't good for Trump country. A trade war could cause havoc for states like Wisconsin that helped Trump win the electoral vote in 2016, Torinus writes.

Now Scott Walker is adding dirty air to the state's Republican pollution portfolio, says Political Environment blogger James Rowen. He notes that the state GOP is asking the Trump EPA to exclude the state from air pollution monitoring while the Foxconn plant is being built in southeast Wisconsin.

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Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman chides Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for criticizing his Democratic opponent this fall for calling himself Beto O'Rourke when his real name is Robert. Cruz claims it's an attempt to make himself look more Hispanic. What he fails to point out, Heinzelman notes, is that Cruz himself changed his real name, Rafael, to Ted when he ran for office. Besides, O'Rourke has been known as Beto since he was an elementary school kid.

David Lubar, president of Milwaukee's Lubar and Co., pens a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column outlining his idea on how Congress could ensure a more bipartisan process. All it would take is a small number of members of Congress to hold the election of the next speaker to only those who promise to reform the archaic rules that are currently in effect.

The Racine Journal Times is ecstatic over last week's jobs report that showed growth at more than 300,000 and a moderation of wage growth at the same time, signaling that inflation concerns may be overblown.