Political Environment blogger James Rowen labels Donald Trump's infrastructure plan as "phony" as Paul Ryan's deficit mantra and Ron Johnson's contention that there's a secret society lurking in the FBI's ranks. He's asking states to put up most of the money, which few of them can afford without raising taxes, Rowen points out, not to mention planning to snuff out the public from weighing in where new highways and development would occur.

The Racine Journal Times isn't in favor of giving the Tesla automotive company an exemption from Wisconsin's auto franchise rules. To do so would give the firm unfair competitive advantage over other auto dealers. If Tesla wants to compete in Wisconsin it should set up some franchises like everyone else, the paper adds.

Delafield Republican state Rep. Cindi Duchow, in a column that appears on WisOpinion, insists that tax cuts are evidence of a "roaring economy." She contends that the economic growth so far under Trump is better than it was during Barack Obama's terms and that allows tax cuts.

Political columnist Bill Kaplan, also on WisOpinion, says Donald Trump appears obsessed with the State of the Union speech. Meanwhile, Kaplan writes, his administration is a mess that's only getting worse. While accusing Democrats of "treason" and being "un-American" for not applauding his speech, Trump's pushing a parade that the military itself doesn't want.

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George Mitchell, blogging on Right Wisconsin, sees one last chance for the Legislature to revive Milwaukee east-west freeway work, which Scott Walker scuttled in the new budget late last year.  He's hoping out-state legislators can be convinced to back a bipartisan bill that would refund the project.