Political Environment blogger James Rowen comments that Administrator Scott Pruitt's EPA is looking like Wisconsin attorney general Brad Schimel's operation. Schimel has been at the forefront of OK'ing pullbacks on clean air and water rules, something that Pruitt is now putting together on the national level, the blogger insists.

In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel guest column, Jay Miller, a Whitefish Bay tax attorney and UW-Milwaukee adjunct business professor, opines that Scott Walker ought to be out front on Donald Trump's tax reform proposals because eliminating state and property tax deductions would force Wisconsin to reform its own tax structure, which is subsidized by the deductions.

Political columnist Bill Kaplan, in a piece on WisOpinion, lambastes what he calls the Trump-Ryan Trojan horse. Kaplan says that tax plans by Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan clearly favor the rich and do little for middle Americans, a charge that he details.

Right Wisconsn's James Wigderson wonders why Planned Parenthood needs taxpayer money if it can afford to build an $8 million abortion facility in Milwaukee. Wigderson speculates that the women's health organization wants to reverse Wisconsin's decreasing abortion rate.

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Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska thinks that "football millionaires" should start taking a knee to protest spousal abuse. He congratulates Vice President Mike Pence for leaving the San Francisco 49ers game Sunday to express his disgust at NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem.

Leftie blogger Jeff Simpson, on the other hand, says that Pence walking out of the game was nothing more than a show that cost American taxpayers $250,000 -- just another attempt by Trump to ramp up hatred in America.