Milwaukee Journal Sentinel conservative columnist Christian Schneider contends that Donald Trump is America's "snowflake in chief." The term is used to describe supersensitive people who "melt" under criticism, Schneider points out, adding that describes Trump to a T.

In a column posted on WisOpinion, state Ag Secretary Ben Branzel contends that Gov. Scott Walker's budget works for rural Wisconsin. He says the budget contains several initiatives on water and resource management and a reduction in certain fees to farmers totaling $2 million.

Conservative blogger Owen Robinson, who also writes for the online Washington County Daily News, writes about the Bill of Rights and points out it can result in a human cost. But that's just the cost of living in a free society, he adds. 

Right Wisconsin's James Wigderson insists that right-winger Katie Pavlich's appearance on the UW campus Tuesday night was a success for the Board of Regents' new speech policy. Wigderson claims that the policy resulted in Pavlich's talk extolling gun rights on campus drawing only peaceful protest. 

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The Racine Journal Times adds that its glad the Regents passed the new speech code, calling for student suspension if he or she disrupts a campus speech. The paper says it highly doubts that it will chill speech on the campuses of the state's universities. 

Political Environment blogger James Rowen says Wisconsin right-wing congressman Glenn Grothman is selling "concern" to gullible buyers. Grothman recently claimed that he faces his toughest election fight next year, a ploy solely designed to get campaign contributions rolling in, Rowen claims.