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Political columnist Bill Kaplan, in a piece that appears on WisOpinion, uses Scott Walker and as example of why voters are cynical about politicians. For instance, in the year he's running for re-election, the longtime foe of Obamacare has suddenly decided that its exchange policies are worth supporting. Kaplan lists a number of other examples he says mark Walker's upside-down stances.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen notes that "Florida's Scott" has signed toughened gun laws for his state, but from "Wisconsin's Scott -- crickets." Rowen recounts how Scott Walker pandered to the NRA during his brief presidential run, including bragging about repealing Wisconsin's waiting period to purchase firearms.

A Tavern League-supported amendment to a winery bill pending in the state Legislature could end Wisconsin's longstanding tradition of tailgating, laments James Wigderson on Right Wisconsin. He quotes the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty's analysis of the amendment that would require licenses for serving alcohol that could be construed as covering tailgate parties as well.

Blogger Chris Liebenthal lauds the uprising of teachers in West Virginia and Oklahoma, two states that notoriously underpay educators. This is what we in Wisconsin say democracy looks like, he writes.

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We're the losers in Donald Trump's pulling out of the so-called TPP trade pact with 11 other Pacific-area nations, says Ed Heinzelman on his Blogging Blue website. The 11 others have created a pact that promises to benefit them all, he blogs, while the U.S. is losing out on favorable trade in that part of the world.

Wisconsin's Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden, in a WisOpinion posting, says the time to act on dairy is now. Clearly, he says, the current dairy pricing structure is not serving Wisconsin dairy farmers well and he announces a series of five meetings that will explore options to change that structure.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sportswriter Paul Smith writes that Wisconsin's railroad crossing law needlessly restricts Wisconsin fishers and hunters. He describes fishing and hunting areas that used to be well populated, but are empty now because of the law that forbids access other than at crossings. He suggests that sportsmen ask Scott Walker, as he runs for governor again, whether he will repeal this bad law.