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Scott Walker gets the blame for poorly prepping the Foxconn project, insists Political Environment blogger James Rowen. Walker and his staff forgot to note that the state's constitution contains the Public Trust Doctrine that declares that Wisconsin's water belongs to no one but the people. Had he known that, he wouldn't have given the giant corporation permission to evade environmental rules, Rowen points out, a decision that is now being challenged.

In a column posted on WisOpinion, Republican state Rep. Adam Neylon of Pewaukee contends that tax cuts enacted by GOP legislators have contributed to greater tax collections in Wisconsin, and says he's proud to have played a role in making that happen.

But, in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column, Emily Mills suggests that Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans look west to Minnesota for an economic model that actually works. Mills points out that Minnesota has gone the opposite way and today is outperforming Wisconsin by leaps and bounds.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman takes issue with a recent video recorded by a Green Beret that contends waterboarding isn't torture. Heinzelman exclaims "Horse Hockey." If it weren't torture then why in the world would we use it to interrogate prisoners? he asks. 

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The Beloit Daily News gives a shout out to veterans, noting that they should never be forgotten by the rest of America. The paper is glad to see that two veterans who lost their lives -- one in the Civil War and the other in World War II -- were recognized recently after learning of details all these years later. That's the way it should be, the paper editorializes: Gone but not forgotten.

Writing in Right Wisconsin, two Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty staffers contend that the Milwaukee School Board has been derelict in doing something about its underutilized school buildings.  They contend that fixing the problem could go a long way in narrowing the district's budget deficit.