Writing in People's World, longtime Wisconsin journalist Dominique Paul Noth posts a lengthy piece spelling out what he sees wrong with the Foxconn deal for southeast Wisconsin. He sees some politicians backing the deal even though they know that it isn't a good one in the long run.

But Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska sees nothing but good in the Foxconn deal and lists it as another "accomplishment" of the Donald Trump-Scott Walker juggernaut. He predicts that Foxconn will be the death knell for the Democrats, who he claims are in quandary over what to do.

Just when you think "Gov. Shameless" couldn't do anything more to attempt to further inflate his own persona, here Scott Walker is comparing himself to the late Green Bay Packer great Reggie White, complains Political Environment  blogger James Rowen. Walker now claims that Foxconn will be as transformational to the state of Wisconsin as White was to the Packers, an incredulous Rowen writes.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's conservative columnist, Christian Schneider, weighs in on Donald Trump's latest proposal to limit legal immigrants into the country. He sees merit in the so-called "point system" but says it needs to be less arbitrary than Trump's plan proposes.

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Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy writes that Wisconsin is a key state for Russian hacking. Yet, he complains, key Republicans — Sen. Ron Johnson and U.S. Reps. Paul Ryan and Sean Duffy — have faced little scrutiny about what they know about the Wisconsin situation.

Also on Urban Milwaukee, Madison state Rep. Chris Taylor writes about her attendance at the recent national meeting of the controversial conservative lobbying group ALEC and reports that the organization has declared war on public education. Its general is Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who gave a major speech at the convention, she adds.