John W. Miller, founder of the venture capital firm Arenberg Holdings, asks where's the "free market" in the Foxconn deal? In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel guest column, he takes a swipe at the plan to give $3 billion in incentives to the Taiwanese corporate giant rather than spending that kind of money on initiatives that would truly help Wisconsin: schools, roads and bridges, universities and our own businesses.

In an Urban Milwaukee column, Steve Walters documents nine road projects in the state that have died under the Legislature's compromise transportation budget this week. The nine include projects that were supposed to break the budget impasse, but none of them were addressed in the end.

In a Journal Sentinel guest column, U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin explains why she supports Medicare for all and other efforts to expand health care coverage. She says she has personally seen American citizens suffer because of a lack of health coverage. She also tells why she has joined GOP Sen. John McCain in co-sponsoring the Fair Drug Pricing Act.

Conservative talk radio commentator Jerry Bader writes a blog for "Media Trackers" in which he claims that the Antifa resolution introduced in the Legislature is a "pivotal moment" for Wisconsin Assembly Democrats. He contends that Dems aren't comfortable with equating Antifa violence with the white supremacists in Charlottesville last month.

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Another conservative blogger, Jonathan Krause, dismisses those who claim climate change is a cause of the super hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, that have ripped the U.S. in recent days. The real culprit is man's attempt to control nature by building in suspect locations. Getting a handle on climate change won't change that, he insists.

And ultra conservative blogger Owen Robinson, who also writes a column for the online Washington County Daily News, is concerned that the new budget that is now likely to pass the Legislature spells the end of "Wisconsin's conservative reform." He says the budget is full of big spending and abandons the conservative agenda that was present when Scott Walker was first elected.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen whimsically asks: What do you think would happen if Wisconsin Republican strongholds became the target of polluters? Like CAFOs in Lake Geneva, a copper mine in Waukesha County, a sand mine in Chenequa? Chances are good those legislators wouldn't be so quick to complain about environmental regulations, he notes.