Here’s how six people answered this week’s question posed by Capital Times freelancer Kevin Murphy. What do you think? Please join the discussion.

“I think it would be a good idea because it’s worked in other states and as long it could be done legitimately here I don’t see any problem with it. California and other states so far have been doing it, I guess, in the right way, except making it too easy to open too many dispensaries and causing trouble that way. But if that could be regulated then it would be fine.”

Adam Remus

assistant store manager


“I don’t think it’s a bad idea, I don’t see the downside to it. People may be concerned about prescribing marijuana for medicinal use but do they realize we’re already prescribing highly addictive drugs for pain like Oxycontin. Marijuana isn’t addictive but Oxycontin is almost the same as heroin and it has ruined people’s lives.”

Rose Warden

UW student/barista


“I think medicinal marijuana has a health benefit for some and making it available on a limited basis is a good idea. ... I think people accepting the use of marijuana for medical purposes is probably a reflection in general of how people’s attitudes toward marijuana have relaxed over several generations. Are other things likely to follow because we’d legalize marijuana for medicinal use? Perhaps, but I think it’s an informed and reasonable change.”

Steve Small

university professor


“I think it’s allowing people to improve their health and letting them choose how to do it. ... People should be able to choose, our government shouldn’t be able to control every part of our lives, the government should listen to the people not the other way around.”

Kelly Saram

UW student/administrative assistant

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“If it’s the only alternative for them, fine, otherwise I don’t agree with it. Whoever possesses the marijuana might make it available for other people or sell it. That’s my biggest concern. That’s true for any drug but I have some reservations about making marijuana more available unless it’s controlled for medical purposes.”

Maribella Domenech

graduate student


“I think it’s a fine idea because it helps people when they have (certain) conditions. Marijuana is safer in more ways than alcohol or tobacco, which are legal. I’m not up to date on what California’s policy is on it, but I think it would work all right here.”

Sara Swartzendruber

marketing coordinator