Late last month Gov. Scott Walker's campaign revealed that it had raised $13 million during the previous fundraising quarter.

The largest contribution, $500,000, came from Diane Hendricks, a Beloit billionaire.

Now, video has surfaced showing Walker and Hendricks consulting about a plan to "divide and conquer" Wisconsin unions and about how they would make it a first step in a plan to enact legislation that would undermine not just public-sector unions, but private-sector unions as well.

After hugging and kissing the governor, Hendricks asked: "How can we help you?"

The help has come in the form of more than a half million dollars worth of campaign contributions.

The governor has a responsibility to answer questions about:

1. Why he told a campaign donor about his plan to attack unions before he told his own Cabinet and the people of Wisconsin.

2. Why he discussed breaking unions as part of a strategy to make Wisconsin a "red (Republican) state."

3. What ongoing conversations he has had with Hendricks.

4. What he has done in return for her unprecedented campaign donations.

And there is one more question.

Gov. Walker's campaign shifted $60,000 from his campaign fund to the governor's criminal defense fund. The donor whose money was shifted to the criminal defense fund had to approve that transfer of money.

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Only a handful of Walker contributors gave a sufficient amount of money to fund a $60,000 transfer.

Was Diane Hendricks the donor who authorized that transfer of money? And did the governor discuss his legal problems with her?

These are tough questions. But they are suggested by the developments of the past several days.

It is time for the governor to start answering questions -- not merely from billionaires but from Wisconsinites. 

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