Dear Editor: There is a medical marijuana bill currently in committee in the Wisconsin Legislature. We need the people’s help to get it passed by calling their politicians in Madison. The legislation is being held in committee by representatives who are good people but underinformed. We are not asking for a “pot smoker law.” Many of us vaporize the medical marijuana or eat it, which gives us the cannabinoids that help fight obesity, cancers, fibromyalgia, pains and muscle spasms from paraplegia and other neuromuscular ailments.

We are asking for the right to use a natural herbal remedy over more dangerous prescription drugs. The politicians ask for more research. I contend we are the research -- the human trials and the proof that there’s medicinal benefit from cannabis hemp. To deny the suffering healthful benefit from a safer natural plant must stop.

The Assembly has to move AB 554 to the floor for a vote today! Pass the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act. We are patients, not criminals!

Jeffrey Smith

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