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Dear Editor: The upcoming primary may well be the last one held in September. With a new federal law requiring that overseas and military voters get their November ballots 45 days before the election, it may be necessary to schedule the primary earlier.

Minnesota has responded by moving its primary to August, but this is a terrible month to expect voters to be engaged. Instead, let’s take a fresh look at the entire election calendar.

Here is a new proposal. Currently, we have elections each spring. Let’s consolidate them, and hold them every other year. By having more local offices in one election, voter participation might be enhanced. Under this proposal, called the Balanced Election Calendar, each nonpartisan election cycle would feature either a mayoral contest or a county executive contest.

This would free up the schedule in the even number years, so that the partisan primary and the presidential primary could be held at the optimum time, independent of the nonpartisan elections.

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Details of this proposal are at the Fair Elections Wisconsin website.

Paul Malischke