Ted Voth Jr.: Don’t let Walker destroy the UW we love

2011-05-17T06:00:00Z Ted Voth Jr.: Don’t let Walker destroy the UW we loveTed Voth Jr. madison.com
May 17, 2011 6:00 am  • 

Dear Editor: I did a Jericho march on Sunday — seven times around the Capitol Square.

Many UW-Madison graduates were out being photographed by their proud parents. I congratulated them, the grads and their parents. Also congratulated them on possibly being the last class to graduate from the UW.

All but a very few of the grads knew exactly what I meant.

Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed state budget for 2011-2013 would allow the governor to appoint the new UW-Madison board members. Walker’s board would set tuition rates, admission requirements, and educational policy.

This would kill my beloved UW-Madison as a nationally and internationally respected school, and this in turn would do much to destroy the unique, lively, urbane and humane character of my beloved Madison.

I don’t despise Walker for his dubious academic record. Many people don’t graduate from college and are none the worse for it — it took me 22 years to earn my BA. But I have plenty of other reasons to regard Walker as my enemy. For one, non-academics, particularly non-academics who are actively hostile to the life of the mind, have no business governing academic institutions.

All we’ll have left of the UW-Madison will be the big red W, and that’ll stand for “the University of Walker.”

Ted Voth Jr.


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