Dear Editor: Smoking, in all its variants and guises, is stupid. Even a preverbal infant knows this if offered a drag on a lit cigarette. The representative for the 38th Assembly District, Joel Kleefisch, does not, judging from his latest cockamamie bill proposal that would protect the use of e-cigarettes. (Previous Kleefisch cockamamie: capping child support payments the divorced wealthy would be required to make.)

Of the myriad of pressing issues Kleefisch could have excreted a bill for, endorsing e-cigarettes is among the stupidest. Akin to promoting the health benefits of Ebola because some businesses profit. Appallingly stupid.

E-cigarettes deliver known poisonous inhalants that pose a serious health threat to the user and others when exhaled, just as with all other smoking means and devices. This New England Journal of Medicine article reveals cancer-causing, hidden formaldehyde in e-cigarettes.

In addition, Kleefisch's stance ignores the incendiary risk e-cigarettes pose. Two recent explosive events aboard commercial flights have the FAA strongly considering adding e-cigarettes to the list of banned materials. The postal service already considers them hazardous material for that reason.

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I live in the 38th Assembly District. Kleefisch does not represent me. I require more of my representatives than that they be bipedal.

David McCune