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Dear Editor: There are many reasons to replace this governor and his regime. His agenda affects all citizens and the future values of our state. The governor’s destructive agenda includes:

1. Tells lies and makes up phony “facts” such as Capitol clean-up cost.

2. Brags about jobs while state has worst record of job loss in nation.

3. Grabs power for the governor’s office.

4. Undermines public education.

5. Shifts funds to private schools.

6. Cuts funds for technical colleges, universities and apprenticeship programs.

7. Despises teachers.

8. Favors state-level mandates over local control.

9. Aligned with national tea party and Koch brothers agenda, doesn’t represent Wisconsin citizens.

10. Repealed equal pay for equal work.

11. Reduced funds for BadgerCare, Medicaid, Family Care and women’s health care.

12. Rejects federal support for high speed broadband service.

13. Appoints unqualified cronies to state jobs.

14. Awards bonuses to cronies.

15. Obstacles to block voters.

16. Promotes midnight legislation and hidden agendas.

17. Funding from mysterious out-of-state organizations.

18. Favors elimination of worker rights and bargaining.

19. More money and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, but less for working poor

20. Extends waiting period for unemployment insurance.

21. Hides from Wisconsin residents while traveling around the country bragging about his dirty deeds.

22. Loves guns but hates cameras in public places.

23. Eliminated legal remedies for women and minorities who are harassed or discriminated against.

24. Cars and highways IN, public transportation OUT.

25. Eliminates funding for preventive health care, especially for women.

26. Believes politicians should determine reproductive health care .

27. Coal, oil and mining interests welcomed, renewable energy out.

28. Attacks Focus on Energy program and cuts resources for wind and solar energy.

29. Eliminated “green jobs” initiative and abolished the Office of Energy Independence.

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30. Hates government regulations except for our bedrooms and our health care choices

31. Restricts and reduces benefits for families, including those under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

32. Has little concern for state parks or natural resources.

33. Prefers ignorance over education including “abstinence only sex education” mandated by the state.

34. Rejects federal funds that could help create jobs.

35. Loves corporate lobbyists and their campaign money.

36. Hates public employees but loves outsourcing and private special interests.

37. Preaches “less government” but created 32 pages of rules to limit access to our Capitol.

38. Tried but failed to block the recall process and emasculate the Government Accountability Board.

39. Walker’s prior job and the John Doe probe? Why did he hire four criminal lawyers?

40. Kleefisch? She supports all of the above.

Is this what you want? If the answer is “no”, then let’s get busy.

Gerald Koerner