Dear Editor: After each mass shooting in the U.S., the NRA’s spin is to denounce those who want more gun control and argue for mental health measures and more guns to keep citizens safe. At an April 13 event, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre attacked the media for covering victims of gun violence, claiming they are “manufactur(ing) controversy for ratings.” Gov. Scott Walker spoke at the same event, received an award, and claimed he was being “targeted” and asked for their “support” in his recall election.

While the NRA hides behind the Second Amendment to promote more gun sales for profit, Walker cowardly hides behind the NRA for campaign cash and attack ads to bring down his opponents. This past year the NRA has contributed $6 million in favor of Republicans and $11 million in attack ads against Democrats.

It is disgusting that Walker, who is in favor of dismantling Obamacare, regurgitates the same diversionary NRA talking points of mental health care and more guns in schools, while refusing to address the real problem – assault rifles and large capacity magazines.

The U.S. with its 300 million weapons has 20 times more deaths by guns per capita than next 20 richest nations combined. In contrast, in 1996, after a mass murder of 35 people, Australia’s conservative prime minister John Howard passed gun control legislation within 12 days. Since then there have been no massacres.

If only our elected officials had the courage of the Sandy Hook teachers, who heroically made their breastbones a shield for their innocent children. The teachers’ valor was not in vain, as their last dying moments were used to show their children a parent’s love.

Timothy Shaw


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