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cap times idea fest program cover

The guide to the inaugural Cap Times Idea Fest is in this week's Cap Times print edition.


The Cap Times Idea Fest is this weekend, and our 20-page guide to the event is part of the Cap Times weekly edition this week.

The print program has a handy two-page grid with the complete schedule, a map showing the three University of Wisconsin campus venues, detailed descriptions of every session and biographical information on every speaker.

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Tickets remain available at or can be purchased at the Discovery Building on Saturday. If you’re pre-registered, you can pick up lanyards at the Discovery Building, 330 N. Orchard St., or at the Gordon Center, 770 W. Dayton St.

The subtitle of our Saturday-Sunday festival is “Reach a Better State,” and the individual sessions focus on core themes of the economy, equity, education, politics, journalism, culture and sports.

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