Dear Editor: Millions of Americans are still stunned and puzzled over the fact that Donald Trump was an acceptable enough candidate to be elected resident. Trump, an egotist fast and loose with the truth and crude and disparaging in comments about women, would seem to have disqualified himself, but his actions did not bring about that disqualification. In our politically correct culture, with our large and engaged evangelical constituency, why weren't his character flaws fatal?

Trump was not fatally wounded by his imperfections because of Bill Clinton. In the 1990s, under Clinton, the United States endured a presidency led by a deceitful dissembler whose attitude toward women has been shown to be reprehensible. Clinton, on live television, lied to the American public. His supporters said that what he did "in private" in no way impacted his ability to govern. He cheated on his wife and was accused of physical assault by multiple women, but because of his politics he was forgiven his character flaws by much of the electorate. Those who raised the issues of morality and honesty were called prudish and partisan.

Fast forward to 2016. The 1990s immunized Trump. He is a rapscallion, but this time it is a Republican rapscallion. His passing acquaintance with the truth and sexist verbal disrespect stun many. Democrats, faced with a Clintonian opponent, cry foul, ignoring the irony and hypocrisy. Conservatives took heed of an early Obama admonishment to "bring a gun to a knife fight," and those who supported a Clinton should not be surprised by what they reaped, given what they sowed. Bill Clinton's chickens came home to roost, and Donald Trump had them for dinner.

Bill Sumner

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