Dear Editor: I agree completely with Rep. Jimmy Anderson that the gerrymandering case, Gill v. Whitford, is no excuse for progressives to retreat from the hard work of electing candidates. We need to recruit good candidates, raise money, run phone banks, knock on doors, get voters to the polls, and so forth. This would be true even if the lawsuit results in a completely fair redistricting map. As Anderson indicates, even if successful in the U.S. Supreme Court, the result may be a redistricting map that is still tilted to the Republicans, albeit less so.

I do want to correct Anderson on one point. If the Supreme Court rules for the plaintiffs, the current Legislature will be required to submit any replacement map they wish to propose to the federal trial court for approval. That court will likely require a substantial change from the current extreme gerrymander, even if the court does not require a completely unbiased map. It will not be necessary for Democrats to file a new lawsuit to challenge the validity of the new redistricting.

Bill Whitford

plaintiff, Gill v. Whitford

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