Dear Editor: I see Steven Elbow has written another poorly documented hit piece on glyphosate herbicide. Decades of research have shown glyphosate to be practically nontoxic to people, to the extent that replacing it with people manually pulling weeds could result in more documented short-term and long-term physical harm to those workers! No new arguments are advanced in this piece, just a vague implication that “herbicides are bad.”

With regard to the recent op/ed column by Catherine Kleiber you ran on “electromagnetic sensitivity,” is there any aspect of fringe science that The Cap Times will not lend credence to now in the name of page views?

I would have thought that in an educated town like Madison, in which many real scientists live and work, Elbow might have consulted a few before publishing his latest. There are real environmental issues that pose real risk to people, climate change not the least. Focusing on fringe science only confuses and distracts attention from these real risks and provides the anti-science movement more ammunition against real environmentalists basing their concerns on real science.

Colin MacDiarmid

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