Dear Editor: Cheech and Chong might find some logic in Rep. Melissa Sargent's claim that farmers replacing wheat with marijuana is going to balance the Wisconsin budget, but let's get serious.

Have things gotten so bad in Wisconsin that, like Afghanistan, its cash crop should be a habit-forming drug? Midwestern farmers' kids are dying from opioid abuse, disrupting the succession of the family business, and now a Wisconsin Democrat suggests they should grow marijuana.

Fifteen years ago, Madisonians went a long way toward squelching the tobacco industry and raising the general health of the populace via its progressive and influential indoor smoking ban. That was leadership on what proved to be an immensely popular law at the state level.

Have Democrats forgotten the tobacco industry lawsuit? Forgotten how Gov. Scott McCallum "borrowed" Wisconsin's share of the settlement to balance the state budget when that money should have been spent on adolescent smoking prevention? How about accountability, not culpability?

Prosecuting and incarcerating people for pot possession is a waste of tax dollars, likely biased in several ways and serves only to draw people into the parole system. On the other hand, it's also foolhardy to spend what little time on this planet one has in a drug-induced, mind-numbing haze.

Instead, one needs a sharp mind to oust PAC-funded, conceited politicians who promise jobs and don't deliver. The majority isn't going to vote for politicians from an opposition party with equally feckless ideas.

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I eagerly await Dave Zweifel's commentary on this pot-in-every-pot proposal.

Dan Sebald

Lake Forest, Illinois

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