Dear Editor: In "What's the matter with Wisconsin," John Nichols is accurate in articulation of events resulting in Wisconsin’s downward slide. However, once again an article describing the tacit failure of the Democrats to stand against "the great wall of propaganda" – to defend our institutions and society from sophisticated instruments of destruction – is curiously incomplete.

As one who follows politics closely and has done so from the age of 10, I am beginning to question if this publication (and others claiming to be left-leaning) are sincere about bringing a paradigm shift for social justice to the United States.

The takeover of our state wasn’t due to some sudden, inexplicable juxtaposition in public sentiment. Koch and his army of radicals receive too much credit; they’re really not bright enough to pull this off on their own.

There exists statistical analysis proving Scott Walker lost the recount contest and the last governor's race against Mary Burke. Using exit polling and by other reliable methods (used by our State Department to monitor elections of other countries), statistician Richard Charnin has shown unequivocally that the recount election and Burke contest were stolen. Why do you consistently fail to do your job in bringing the facts of the systemic rigging of the elections in this country to light? Especially when the evidence is crystal clear?

Based upon the very reliable science, Democrats have been winning elections by an average of 10 percentage points since the late '80s. Yet here we are.

Unless I’ve missed reporting to the contrary, your writing suggests one who is symptomatic of Stockholm syndrome or at very least "willfully ignorant." To ignore the truth of our collective pain, you are every bit as complicit as the radical right for the demise of our representative government. Enjoy Bob Fest for what it is: an exercise in futility.

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Daniel Murphy


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