Dear Editor: From the standpoint of being a Wisconsin resident for 60 years, I believe the Scott Walker regime has zero empathy for the common citizens of this state. Regardless of the pertinent issue, our standing in society is inconsequential to his self-aggrandizing schemes.

It is a fact this governor has no legitimacy because election statistician Richard Charnin proved through the science of numbers based upon our state's history that it is statistically impossible for Walker to gain the governorship -- unless you believe in the tooth fairy.

As a believer in representative government, I am also disappointed Charnin's empirically backed findings seem to be shelved by so many supposedly "left of center" media outlets. Why? Charnin has impressive credentials and very astutely explains the evidence and yet -- silence. If the public has a right to know,  perhaps it is your responsibility to do your job, and report the facts as presented by a documented expert, who uses the very same mathematical standard this country employs to monitor elections of other democracies.

Walker is the antithesis of Wisconsin values. For what he has done to this state -- he would have used his ALEC playbook and implemented his radicalism anywhere.

By the way, the author of "Focused on his future, not yours" apparently hasn't heard of Mike McCabe, our best candidate to restore Wisconsin to a democracy.

Daniel Murphy

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