Dear Editor: Trump, as usual, opened a Pandora’s box when stating his preference for shiny white-skinned people to come to the United States. The immediate effect was for informed individuals to blast out the plethora of obvious advances the Norwegians have made toward a more fair and inclusive society. To be sure, this country of ours is far from becoming “great” when citizens, as the result of policy predicated on greed, endure the constant daily stress of surviving with any semblance of dignity.

In looking at Norway, the contrast to the U.S. is as stark as it is shameful. The result of the extreme corruption within our federal government is needless early death to many people. Perhaps more than any issue, the U.S. health care system exposes our dereliction to providing a moral foundation to the greater good. It is long past time we exorcise those with an unspeakable lack of human conscience from local and federal government and elect citizens who will vote to do the right thing. This includes any "blue dog" Democrats daring to provide a barrier to moving forward. Always forward.

Daniel Murphy


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