Dear Editor: One of the guests on a recent NBC "Meet the Press" was U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Johnson and intelligence are an oxymoron.

Johnson talked about how the Intelligence Committee’s No. 1 concern and investigation is Hillary Clinton. Why do Republicans like Johnson so hate, are so paranoid and so scared of the Clintons that they believe that they have to continue to investigate them? The Clintons have been investigated over and over ever since Bill was elected president in 1992. They have been investigated to death with nothing ever significant being discovered that we do not already know.

This is both a vendetta and a distraction to center the attention of Americans away from Republican dirty politics, such as gross gerrymandering of election districts, voter suppression efforts, legalized campaign bribes, denying climate change, and Trump’s ties to Russia.

The Clintons are now part of history and this is nothing but a witch hunt.

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Dave Searles


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