Dear Editor: As fellow small business owners, we hope Sen. Ron Johnson stands firm in his opposition to the Senate tax bill as it currently stands. He is right to note that the bill does more for large corporations than for small-business owners. The bill doesn’t close many of the loopholes for big business and widens the divide between them and small businesses, who are already on an uneven playing field.

Elected officials like to point out that small businesses are the “engine of the economy.” Yet this plan absolutely does not reflect that sentiment and ignores the small businesses it’s supposed to help most. Small-business owners want a tax system that makes it easier for them to compete with large corporations. Any bill that treats corporate taxes and small business taxes so differently will only make it that much harder for small businesses to grow and thrive. We pride ourselves on investing our revenue in our local community, but this tax plan will make it more difficult for us to do so.

Congress shouldn’t be rushing through something as complicated as tax reform so quickly. Instead, they should take the time to get it right and truly ensure the benefits are flowing through to Main Street small businesses.

Todd and Michelle Trotter

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