Dear Editor: R-E-L-A-X — time is on our side.

Nothing anyone can say or do will change the situation regarding guns in America. Some folks are just wed to their guns and they have the Constitution (and the NRA) on their side. However, just sit tight and relax. Our friend, time, will solve this problem. Gun lovers (not unlike golfers) are a dying breed. The grave will silence them.

The handwriting is on the wall. Revenues reported by gun and ammunition manufacturers (Sturm Ruger, American Outdoor Brands, Vista Outdoors and Winchester) fell by a combined $610 million last year — down about 13 percent in 2017. It was the worst year for gun sales since 1999. Most people who want a gun now own one. The gun industry is facing what is known as a mature market. (Remington Arms Company just filed for bankruptcy.)

Baby boomers (like me) grew up with guns. Our WWII fathers gave us toy guns till we were 8. Then then came a BB gun, pellet gun and .22. You cannot undo one's culture. It would be a type of retreat — folks just don't like to give ground — it's the "code.. However, since then, Generation X, millennials and now Generation Z have not embraced guns. They have their own culture. They still have their toys — but not many have guns.

I believe that when the baby boomers die off and the NRA coffers dry up, the cell phone generations will simultaneously "get numbers." Only then will guns receive the regulation that is warranted.

David Peterson

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