Dear Editor: I beseech Gov. Walker not to sign into law the new gun bill to allow children under 14 to use a gun for hunting. The legislators have said it should be up to the parents' judgment to allow a child to use a gun. This could have dire reckless consequences, as children do not possess good judgment skills or strength enough to safely handle such a weapon. Many parents lack good judgment as well.

Not all parents use common sense in allowing children to perform activities. Recently a Wisconsin woman was arrested for encouraging her 9-year-old son to sit on top of her car to hold down a swimming pool which was too large for the inside of her car as she drove it to another location.

We have many laws on the books for the safety of children and society. We do not let children under 16 drive a car and then when they get their license, they have certain restrictions for a while as they gain more experience. We do not serve alcohol to people under the age of 21. We may not vote until age 18.

It's perfectly OK to set limits on such a dangerous activity as hunting. We have seen way too many instances of poor decisions regarding gun use as well as accidental shootings. Let's take guns more seriously!

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Denise Buenzli


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