Dear Editor: Madison officials may have truly outdone themselves in illogical reasoning.

They are proposing to ban late-night food carts from the downtown area. Madison Police Lt. Brian Austin, theoretically speaking on behalf of all who support this measure, said that they wanted to discourage intoxicated people from remaining downtown once the bars close.

Trying to solve the problem of rampant alcohol abuse by removing sources for late-night snacks is like trying to solve air pollution health problems by telling people to take smaller breaths. It does nothing to address the root cause and shifts the responsibility to those who are blameless.

This would be another in a long series of ultimately unsuccessful Band-Aid fixes to a much more serious problem. What needs to be addressed is the reason the downtown area has so many intoxicated habitués in the first place.

If Madison’s short-sighted, pass-the-buck government and law enforcement officials were trying to embarrass themselves, not to mention the citizens whose taxes pay their salaries, they’ve succeeded beyond the wildest expectations of the tavern and liquor lobbies who seem to have those officials firmly in their pockets.

Dennis B. Appleton

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