Dear Editor: For the following immensely counterproductive reasons, America is its own worst enemy...

Being the sole international outlier regarding the Paris Climate Accords.

Relentlessly provoking North Korea as if prodding a beehive with a stick.

Giving hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico cruel short shrift.

Having a sexist pig support a pedophile for the U.S. Senate because liberalism is supposedly worse.

Granting billionaires huge tax breaks when just three mega-rich individuals already hold more wealth than half of our population combined.

Opening national monument lands to exploitative, extractive industries totally devoid of social and environmental responsibility.

Angering virtually every thinking, conscientious person on earth by moving our Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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Given all this, a hypothetical meeting between president Trump and Lucifer would have Devil Dan giving The Donald an enthusiastic fist bump: "My Man!"

Dennis Rahkonen


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