Dear Editor: Gee, we have another member of the White House who is resigning because his two wives spoke up on the brutality he used when they were married to him. Am I surprised? No! Donald Trump seems to draw that kind of person maybe because he approved of Trump’s circus in running the country. Or maybe because of the 10 or so women who spoke out on Trump’s sexual harassment behavior with them and nothing happened to Trump. That seems to be a pattern. He gets away with everything.

I think we are going to be stuck with President Trump because of one conversation I had with an elderly lady when Trump was running but had not won yet. She spoke up meekly and said, “Maybe I am not going to vote for Trump. But I sure would like to see the show.”

Well, we all are now seeing the show and its appeal to the low side of our actions. The Romans did this by giving the people the gladiators, where one gladiator would kill his opponent and the audience would applaud and scream and shout their approval.

Why do some people want to have a president who appeals to their low side? Is it the thrill, the constant thrill of sin over virtue? Is virtue now a dirty word? As long as Trump is the president, I think it will be.

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Diana Vance


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